Best Cheap Headphones Under 200:Top 3 Reviewed

No music device is attractive with not having a decent pair of headphones. This is true, you can get expressed with the great headphones from some popular brand, such as Beats, Boss,Monster,Sony and so on.It is definately sound pretty good when you find a right pair headsets bundled with your music devices. I do not know whether or not you are serious about your music,It is a tough thing to pick up a suitable pair of headsets for any of you from so huge lists of headphones with price ranging from $50 to $500,I really like writing reports and finally found it was time to check out the real condition of headphones on the market . Then I spend half of week to  do reseach on those good and value headphones available on the market and finally complete this report. The following uncovered best cheap headphones under 200 dollars ($300/$500) tend to be what you get excited about, which might surprise any of you.

Best Cheap Headphones Under 200:Top Ten Ranking

Imagine what would happen if there are top ten best headphones under 200 dollars you can check out instead of huge lists of headphones you are tried of picking up? You could really get good at finding the most suitable headphones today,just check out the best rated headsets as following comparison chart, please do not miss it:

How I rated these top ten headphones under $200?

Amazon is an amazing website for the electronic products buyers. To get this information, I searched for those good cheap headphones under 200 dollars on In order to find the best affordable headphone with good quality,I went with all the steps as following:

  1. I have read the introductions of product carefully, compare their features, highlights and so on.
  2. I checked out what current owners said.
  3. I checked out their price,determined whether they are worth to buy.
  4. I checked out its current best sellers rank on

Finally I found these top ten headphones under 200 dollars, which are of high quality with good price and best reputation.

Best Cheap Headphones Under 200:Top 3 Reviewed,Which is best for you?

Best wireless gaming headsets under 200 dollars.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

best headphones under 200 dollars

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Do you want a good wireless gaming headset under 200 ? This product is a good choice. Its best performance with up to 40 ft. wireless range help you enjoy yourself while playing games. Dolby technology with 7.1 surround sound make the sound effects more real. With this headset, you’ll feel yourself immersed in the game. It’s easy to control the sound with 3 programmable G-keys. Besides, a good microphone is quite necessary. Equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone, you can chat with others smoothly. So if you have a windows-based PC, or you’re looking for a good wireless gaming headset, this product is suitable for you. Many users say that this headset is good to use. Its sound quality is quite amazing. However, there is a problem. Its driver doesn’t work well with some USB controllers. In a word, it’s a product with high quality and a flaw.

Best DJ headphones under 200 dollars

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

top ten headphones under 200 dollars

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This is another good cheap headphone under 200 dollars from audio-technica. If you are a music fan, if you are a DJ, you’d better take a look at this product. It has perfect sound quality for professional monitoring and also mixing. It is designed to be collapsible, which is easy to carry with and convenient to wear. The padded headband can be easily adjusted, so it should be confortable to wear. For the maximum isolation, its ear cup is closed-back. Along with the neodymium magnet systems, you can enjoy the best audio quality. If there is something wrong with your headset, don’t worry, it has 1 year warranty. The company will help you to solve the problems.Many music fans think highly of this product. They find that its sound effect is good and clear. What’s more, the comfort level cannot be missed. In brief, this product is the best choice for music fan and it’s of high cost performance.

Best-selling noise-cancelling headphones under 200 dollars

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Noise-Cancelling Headphone

Best noise cancelling headphones under 200

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Are you depressed about the noise when you are using the headset? Are you looking for the best headphone which is good at noise cancelling? You can take a look at this product. Its noise-cancelling circuitry can reduce the noise by 90 percent. With this headset, you can enjoy better sound effect. What’s more, it’s a closed-back headset witch has neodymium magnet systems. So you can enjoy strong bass, soft treble and high fidelity.If you want to take it with you to travel around, it’s convenient. This product is light to carry and it can be folded.With a handy carrying case, you can take it with to everywhere. Its ear cup is padded and comfortable to wear for a long time. After looking at the reviews of users, you can find that it’s worth to buy. Costumers say that the product comfortable to wear and durable to use. What’s more, its size is moderate and its sound is quite perfect. In short, it is worth to own. Spending 137 dollars to get a best headphone is a bargain.


There are different types of headsets in the market. They are of different level and different types. They focus on varied aspect. I’ve try my best to find these best-sellers of different types of headset under 200 dollars for you and make a list. But you’d better take a look at them. You can decide which to buy according to your needs. If you are a game player, you can consider about a wireless gaming headset. If you are strict with the noise-cancelling and the audio quality, you can think about a closed-back headset which is good at noise-cancelling. If you usually listen to music, a DJ headphone is suitable for you. After careful consideration, I believe that you can find a perfect headset for yourself. All I can do is to make a suggestion. Choosing which product is still up to you.However, I hope you can choose a good cheap headphone under 200.


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