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Cheap Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones Under $400

Introduce:Best Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones—help you enjoy the most  fantastic music. Maybe now you are a little falling in love with the Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ  Over Ear Headphones and you don’t know it detailed. And it is not an easy thing to purchase a good machine as well as making a wise decision, so what you need is to get a embedder understand to ensure you make the right desicion and buy the right thing. The following pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ headphone reviews will give you sincerely advice and you can buy the headphone you really like.

Cheap Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones under 400 dollars

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones Under 250 DOllars

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Anyone who likes music would be willing to own good headphones which is special, functional and affordable. I think the pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ headphones are your right choise. With the headphone, you can roam in the ocean of music and enjoy yourself.

These highlights make people love HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones:

①In order to avoid the malaise because of wearing headphones for a long time, they design the headphone by the soft new-style synthetic leather.

②7.5 x 8.8 x 4.2 inches and 1 pounds weight serve you good quality when you wear them.

③the headphones design by magnesium alloy which make them lightweight and durable.

④the headphones adopt advanced techniques which are DJ-style and noise-cancelling-feature, so them have nice sound with the best bass.

 The list of the pros and cons

The pros:

⑴Durability and functionality. If you want to have a pair of DJ headphones under 300 dollars which are reliable and stable,the pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ headphones can satisfy your need.

⑵Reasonable design. The headphones are well balanced in terms of high, mids and lows. Thus making you can wear these headphones all day long and don’t get a headache!

⑶Amazing sound quality. Crisp clear bass, deep lows, punchy mids, and ear shattering highs. What more could you want to? They get loud and they can even ask for more.

⑷The right price. The price is so reasonable and competitive with similar headphones at this level.It only sales at 210 dollars.

The cons:

The headphones only have one color: black.  And most importantly, the headphones can be only shipped in the U.S.

These customer reviews let you know more

Why So Many Folks Bought This Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ noise cancelling Headphones, The following Customer reviews might give you a proper answer

“the sound is amazing, it is loud enough for the club and feel very comfortable to the ear.”

“I like them very much , sounds perfect, I would like to recommend to any mobile Dj who are looking for a great headphone under 250 dollars !!!!”

“It is the best headphone under 250 dollars I ever have bought! Guaranteed satisfaction, sound quality make me surprise,  even serveral hours of music listening, it don’t make you uncomfortable.”

Above customer reviews are said by those people who really bought this Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones on and if you want to know more, please click in

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Best Headphones For Bass Under 200 Dollars

Introduce:  Do you want to get best sound quality when using headphones? It’s not difficult as you thought. The first thing you should know is that what the best headphones for bass are. Once you solve the question, then you can enjoy high quality sound of a concert or club and own private performance without living your home. The pumping, unique sound of great bass is enough to realize d without angry neighbors and sound leakage, so seal in every decibel by looking or over-ear models. Here, we analyzed all-sides information including the keys to selecting best headphones for bass, the top rated headphones on the market and the contrast between them, which does help you know what you should buy. So What are the top rated headphones for bass? It seems not so difficult after reading this Best Headphones For Bass Under 200 Dollars report.

Best Headphones For Bass Under 200 Dollars (2016 Updated)

Top four keys about selecting the best headphones for bass

Bass headphones are always equipped with a long range of configurations to improve the deep bass of user’s music library. Inline remotes and noise isolation technology, headbands and soft ear cushions can make our bass booming in style and comfort.

Key1: performance

While looking for the best headphones for bass, sound quality means everything you should pay attention. As for your EQ settings, do not turn up the bass just; but look for headphones which are designed to boost the bass. Bigger driver sizes, over-ear, closed phones and lower frequency responses help produce the strongest and deepest bass.

Key2: Design

Nearly every one not only wants their own headphones sounding superior, but also wants them being looked stylish and feel great. While listening to tunes head pounding all day, comfort is an important factor. What’s more, when you’re jamming, headphones adjusting to your head and not weighting you down ought to be your first choice. And you should protect ears from hurt always with over-ear styles which is able to isolate noisy. Therefore, when feel low and booming bass, it’s on need for you to crank the volume.

Key3: configurations

While ensure your music equipment and devices are compatible, seamlessly mix your bass headsets into your daily life. Check of configurations, such as a microphone or an inline remote, which performs compatible with your Android or iphone devices. Moreover, search for more configurations such as a storage case keeping the headsets safe and sound while not listening to the beats.

Key4: Help and Support 

Ensure customer support is right there to gibe you a favor to replace or fix your purchase If something happen to your headsets,. Remember that, longer the warranty, better your devices. Lots of manufacturers have resources support online, including FAQs and manuals, and some allow you to chat  on live with a support representative about manuals.

Best Headphones For Bass Under 200 Dollars: Top Reviewed

I have done a research on those good cheap headphones for bass on the market, and found three top rated headphones  which are priced from $50 to $200,they are really reviewed and worthy your consideration.

Best In Ear Headphones For Bass, for under $50

Sony MDRXB60EX/GLD Extra In Ear Bass Driver Headphone

What Are The Best Headphones For Bass

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Sony MDRXB60EX/GLD is absolutely called the king headphone compared with others under $50. When see it at the first sight, you certainly falling in love with the device’s super stylish gold appearance. Besides, this model Combine a special direct vibe structure, with XB driver units high sensitivity, for a tight aural seal.  These headphones perform dynamic and powerful bass response which is ideal for nowadays tunes, when long-term, customized fit are ensured by the hybrid silicone supplied ear buds.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons

The pros

① Its high-end direct vibe structure has strong ability to enhance performance.

② For powerful, powerful bass (4-25Hz), the headphone features 13.5mm driver units.

③ This hybrid silicone headphone is In 4 sizes and specially designed for a personal fit.

④ For radical wearing comfort, it optimized housing design.

⑤ This noise isolation headset is made with 3 sizes to increase noise attenuation.

The cons

The headphone doesn’t have wireless or wired.

Best Headphones for bass under 100 dollars

Klipsch IMAGE S4 Enhanced In-Ear Noise-Isolating Bass Headphones

Best Headphones for bass under 100 dollars

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These high-performances, reasonably priced ear buds go above and even beyond your expectation from the stock headphone which comes with your music phone and MP3 player. Indeed, you’ll find headphones of Klipsch are far excellent than other brands—serving unequaled comfort, musical accuracy, noise isolation and bass. What’s more, while keeping true to its audiophile tradition, Klipsch has decided to take its dozens of development experience and research to value the Image S4.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons

The pros

① For excellent seal and long-time comfort, particular Oval Ear Tips and Cable Length – 1.3 m are designed.

② Dual oval eartip seal and magnet microspeaker make the superior Bass Response.

③ Stainless Steel with headphone organization to carry case.

④ Three sizes (large, medium and small) is enough to realize the ideal fit.

The cons

The headphone hits low and for some people the sound may feel last long

Top Rated  Over Ear headphones for bass under 200 dollars

 Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphone

Top Rated headphones for bass

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Wireless headsets show in plenty of sizes and shapes but few provide better home concert performance when compared with the Sennheiser RS 170. a multi-purpose transmitter and a pair of wireless headphones make up this wireless headset system. The RS 170 also deliver Surround Sound simulation mode and Dynamic Bass Boost for edge-of-your-seat enjoyment with your favorite movies and music.


Let’s take a look at the pros and cons

The pros

①     sealing circumaural digital wireless and dynamic headsets with detailed and clear audio reproduction

②     Multipurpose transmitter also performs as a docking station and “easy charge” cradle.

③     Its unique multi receiver transmission can allow up to 4 people to listen the same source.

④     surround listening sound modes and dynamic bass give you the fullest fun.

The cons

Compared with the ear buds, the size of headphones is larger and may less convenient to carry.

 Which one is the best headphone for bass?

Above headsets are the bestsellers in different price. As for performance and configurations, the Sennheiser RS 170 may be the best for it not only perform so well in bass response but also equip with digital wireless. And Klipsch IMAGE S4 follows. and judged from design and help and support, it has more advantage though more expensive than the Sony MDRXB60EX/GLD. But from comprehensive consideration, easy-carried and high performance Klipsch IMAGE S4 in reasonable price is the best.

 Which headphones is truly worthy of your purchase.

Klipsch IMAGE S4 lies in the price under $100, not high and low, but has the most and more higher reorganizations than the other two. Nearly all the customer say highly to the headphone. So Klipsch IMAGE S4 is truly worthy of your purchase. I think it is the best headphone for bass currenttly,What is the best headphone for bass? I think you have got your personal answer now

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones Under 200 Dollars

When we talk about headphones, we won’t miss this perfect product with high quality. It is . It’s a good headphones under 200 dollars and on Amazon, it ranks top. What attracts is its high ranking of sales volume and good comments. So I’ll introduce this Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones Under 200 Dollars for you all.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Reviews


  • First of all, it’s exceptional of audio quality. You can enjoy the music in detail without any doubt. With the
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones Under 200 Dollars

    Click To Check Its Current Price On

    Frequency Response between 15 and 28,000 Hz and Sensitivity about 99 dB, this product can ensure that you can enjoy all the songs no matter on highs, mids and bass.

  • Secondly, the cable is also an important feature of headphones. This product has a durable cable and you can make a choice yourself. You can choose the white color with coiled cable or black color with straight cable, even silver color with straight cable is available.
  • Thirdly, a good headphone must be comfortable to put on. This product has an adjustable headband and you can adjust it to fit your head. So wearing this headphone, you can listen to music comfortably. What’s more, it’s collapsible which means that it’s easy to be put in your bag.

But it also has some disadvantage. Compared to some metallic products, this one is made of plastic. So it’s a little bit frail and easy to be broken. Besides, compared to other products, its cable length is shorter.

Three special features

—Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

  • The first must be its collapsible structure. It’s easy to carry in such this small size.
  • Secondly, its audio quality is perfect, especially when you are enjoying bass. At same volume level, M50 plays louder than other products.
  • Last but not least, when you try it on, you will be amazed by its comfortable touch.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Customer Reviews

Many customers who have bought this product find that it’s comfortable to put on. What’s more, the audio quality is perfect especially in bass. Compared to other products, it can play music louder in the same volume. Many people think that this is one of the best headphones that they have used.

Why dose This Over ear Headphone sells well? ( price)

Such a best selling headphone under 150 dollars, how much does it take? The answer is 145 dollars. And the price is going down now. The price is not very low, but it’s really reasonable for us to buy a good-quality headphone with less than 150 dollars. Its fashionable design and durable material, especially the perfect audio quality, make it worth of 145 dollars. That’s why it’s popular among the music fans.

Who can buy this Audio-Technica ATH-M50 ?

Those young people who adore music can miss this product. It’s not expensive and it’s really fashionable and useful. What’s more, if you buy it from Amazon, you can get a good discount. Buying such a nice product with a good price, it’s perfect for the young.

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Best Over The Ear Headphones Under 500 Dollars

Introduce: what are the best over ear headphones? You do need to consider this question seriously, for the quality of over ear headphones directly affects your enjoyment of music or movies and destroy your all day good mood. Then you have to grasp roundly the information about the headphones you want and contrast them hard from every side. It’s truly a cumbersome work. Yeah, your saver is coming. Here, we earnestly did a survey and list the keys you should pay attention and help you make a choice without pity to find the Best Over The Ear Headphones Under 500 Dollars.

Best Over The Ear Headphones Under 500 Dollars Buying Guide

Having a headphone AMP:

Plenty of the over-the-ear best-sounding headphones with an amplifier sound much better. This is due to that the larger drivers in those headphones prone to ask for more power and energy. There are lots of amps online available or from specialty headphone shops which ranges from $100 to thousands.

Size matters:

Generally speaking, the bigger headphones, the better quality they have. Since these devices have larger drivers that can make a larger range of dynamics. But, don’t completely wipe out smaller headphones –some of the most advanced over-ear headphones come with strong and powerful magnets and produce lots of bass, too.

High quality music can’t be ignored:

When you maybe don’t hear much about the differences on cheaper, smaller, over-ear headphones, the larger dynamic range of wider circumaural headsets will emphasize flaws even in your compressed music.

Check whether parts can be repaired or replaced:

A few headsets come with ready earpads, however, many don’t. So do check whether parts of your headsets–such as the headband and earpads–can be repaired or replaced and whether they’re available easily, too.

What Are The Best Over The Ear Headphones under 500?

Now, we solemnly recommend a over ear headphone under 200 dollars which match above description for you!

Star product— Beats Solo HD over-Ear Headphone

With super high cost performance and lots of praise from users, Beats Solo HD headphone beat tens of thousands of headphone products and became the bestseller. It’s really an intelligent device rarely coming out in the market,which is under 200 dollars, Let’s get closer to it.

The highlights of this Beats Solo HD Over The Ear Headphones

What Are The Best Over The Ear Headphones?

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Beats Solo HD headphone is designed to be a fashion, over-ear, lighter version of Studios. And compact enough to match your wallet. Besides, Beats Solo HD headphone is created for music lovers who are looking for high quality headphones which look as attractive as they sound. What’s more, Beats Solo HD headphones feature high-end premium design and driver technology for headphones delivering amazing Beats by Dr. Dre sound.


 Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons

The pros
  •  it features the traditional Beats by Dr. Dre sound signature profile in a sleeker, smaller, more colorful and fashion appearance, which allow you to get clear crystal highs and rumbling deep lows in a lighter headphone ideal for long-time listening sessions.
  • Every pair is made now of flexible material, super-durable, reinforced with metal strips to ensure it never be apart. And they look good, too
  • Easily switch between incoming calls and songs. And no need to pick off your headsets or talk with the phone as a walkie-talkie.
The cons
  • The head piece is a little loose as for some people.

Why it can become the bestseller?

After survey, we found that there are mainly two factors contributing to its status of bestseller. First, the superior features-deeper bass, clear sound, built-in mic for phones and Remote control make the product outstanding and make sure satisfied the requirements of most customers. The other factor is the price. With such excellent performance, you may think it will cost much money. However, it’s out of your expectation and just in a low price. So a lot of customers choose the Beats Solo HD headphone when considering about a over ear headphones under 500 dollars. And it became the bestseller.

The customer reviews may help you

The following are what most users commented:

“The sound quality does surprise me, it’s really good!”

“Awesome headphone, each part shows professional technology”

“Beats headphone, Great headphones under 500 dollars ,I love it”

What Are The Best Over The Ear Headphones?If want to get know more, is a good place.

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Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100 Dollars

Introduce: Recently, Tom which is one of my friends wants to buy a pair of PC gaming headphones under 100 Dollars. And he does not know how to choose a satisfying one both in experience and price. So he came to ask me for some advice since I am always glad to investigate products and write reviews. In order to help my friend and some other people who have the same demand, I write this article. If you are also one of these people, keep reading the article – it will help you get the best headsets for gaming which is under 100.

Comparing Top Three PC Gaming Headphones under $100

#1 Logitech Wireless PC Headset G930 for Gaming with 7.1 Surround Sound

Let’s have look at the pros and cons

Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100 Dollars

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The prosIt must be one of the most comfortable gaming headphones for gaming players. The moment you put them on, you’ will be totally immersed in your world and the character you play.It is a big upgrade from the Logitech chat clear Style that appeared on the market in the past. The quality of the sound is surprising great! And the 7.1 dimensional sound is really fantastic!.

The cons: The devices can automatically turn off when there is no radio playing for a few minutes to save the life of the battery. So some people may think that it can be annoying thing to turn them on repeatedly throughout a short time.

#2 Logitech Wireless Headsets h800 , for PC Tablet PC and Smartphones

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons

Gaming Headsets Under 100 Dollars

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The prosThe quality of the sound is pretty good and clear. Thanks to its reasonable design—lightweight, it can keep you comfortable even for long-term wear. What’s more, it’s very convenient for setting up, adjusting volume, answering tellphone during the time away from the mobile phone or PC. On the other hand, it’s easy to switch the headsets back and then the storage will be easier.

The cons: Be different from most of the other USB devices, it need to use the less-common Micro-B USB connector for battery charging.

#3 Plantronics GamCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo Headset for PC

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons

The prosIt is pretty awesome in the quality of the sound. You can hear the sound clearly and accurately. You can wear them comfortably for hours at a time because cups of the ear are deep set. What’s more, It have a absolutely surprising price—less than $100!

The cons: The volume of it may be a little than other headsets. It is short of workmanship.

(Click to View What Currrent Owners Said)

The Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100 Dollars-I Recommend

Considering quality, price, and popularity degree, I think Logitech Wireless Headsets h800 , for PC and Smartphones can be the most cost-effective one. You know, from the aspect of the price, it is the cheapest one—only 73.52 dollars! And it is still great both in sound quality and the degree of comfort. With the same quality with Logitech Wireless PC Headset G930, it is cheaper. With the same price—even less, it has build quality and workmanship than Plantronics GamCom 780 Headsets. If you want a pair of PC Gaming Headsets Under 100 Dollars, Logitech Wireless Headsets h800 can really be a good choice for you!

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Best 7.1 Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars

Introduce: Two months ago, my third headset in this year has been abandoned by me due to its sound quality unworthy of the introduction and affecting my game competition seriously. I was really upset that why it’s hard to pick up a satisfactory gaming headset. And my friend recommended a product for me, which is said that the best 7.1 gaming headset under 100 dollars he had used. Then what’s the 7.1 gaming headset?

Best 7.1 gaming headset Under 100 Dollars Reviews

7.1 gaming headset—-the best friend of gamers

The 7.1 gaming headset is a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound and that is its special.Actually its common name is eight-channel surround audio system which is usually built in home theatre configurations. When compared with 5.1 surround sound, the 7.1 surround sound positional audio adopts the standard center, LEF and front speaker configurations. But, the 7.1 surround system can split the rear and sound channel information into 4 distinct channels, where sound result are directed to right and left surround channels, including two rear surround channels. So owning a 7.1 gaming headset can make you get a home theatre effect and hear your enemies’ footstep even distinguish where they come from while playing games.

Therefore, with the mind giving the recommended headset a try, I purchased my fourth gaming headset——Logitech G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset. After two months using, I have to say the model is awesome, amazingly good. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Are you seeking for the best 7.1 gaming headset Under 100 Dollars?

Yes I Recommend any of you this Logitech G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset

Best 7.1 gaming headset Under 100 Dollars

Click To View What Current Owners Said On

Logitech G930, a fast wireless connection makes you level up and not been tied down for that 7.1 surround sound can put you right in the center of the action. you can hear your enemies before they see you. And chat client, mute controls and voice morphing are at your fingertips. So with this game-changing product, it’s just a piece of cake to hear the sound of battles around you.

The highlights of Logitech G930

  1.  Gaming-grade wireless performance
  2. Three programmable G-keys
  3. USB recharging base with full-speed
  4. Immersive 7.1 surround sound
  5. Noise-cancelling rotating mic
  6. combat comfort  with memory foam headband

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons

  1. The USB adapter is built into your computer to achieve a powerful lag-free connection up to 40 ft. range.
  2. 48 kHz uncompressed audio stream can deliver full-spectrum detailed sound.
  3. One-touch control over voice morphing, music, chat clients and more with customizing the on-ear keys.
  4. The 2nd generation Dolby technology delivers you the enjoyment of positional audio, which ensure that you can hear opponents sneaking up behind you, even pinpoint their shots’ directions.
  5.  Reduces distracting background noise and the red mute light ensures you know whether your mic is off.

The best 7.1 gaming headset under $100 is for the crowd

As for the people who chase the victory of game competitions, make the game world realer and rich the fun of sound, this best 7.1 gaming headset is for you.

Where to get more customer reviews?

Only listen to my own mind and recommendation, you may still keep suspect. The more Best 7.1 gaming headset Under 100 Dollars customer reviews with users’ real experience on would give you more information and guide.

Where to purchase

If you also want to give the product a try, then where is the best place to purchase? My friend and I like to shop on Because it not only serve the customer the most budget price and the quickest logistic, but also guarantee us the quality goods, which make people feel satisfied most.Try This Best 7.1 gaming headset Under 100 Dollars? Are you ready?

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